The 10 Best Hairstyles At The How She Hustles Brunch

Natural Hair Updo

Exactly two weeks ago, How She Hustles returned to Toronto for its fifth and final networking brunch (well at least for a while) — and it was better than ever. This years event was held at the Eaton Chelsea Hotel and hosted not just a wide variety of female Headhunters with side hustles, but a crowd of honored guests who stood out with their stellar hair styles.

This was not a brunch filled with 230+ of your average mothers, career women and world travelers — instead, the banquet hall filled with smiling nutritionists, TV personalities, producers, teachers, mompreneurs, executives, politicians, law professionals, bloggers, startupreneurs.  Imagine two hundred plus women being at our highest self, the room and twitter feeds buzzed in such synergy as we Kumbaya(ed) about life, hustles, personal growth and accomplishments. Plus, the beauty looks were on point, ranging from radical up-dos, playing with colour and curls, to simple, naturally styled locks. The scene was diverse, vibrant, and certainly filled to the brim with major trendsetters. Below, are 10 of the best looks from the brunch. Visit us on facebook to see more Hair Beat snap shots.

My Event Highlights

1. The words of wisdom wall, ever since I’ve become in contact with Mrs. Mills (over 10 years strong) she is known for doing things unconventional and totally outside the box.  The concept around How She Hustles is a reflection of her drive and personality — to highlight, and install the hustler into four hours of pure awesomeness.  We were all asked to write down on a piece of given #HowSheHustles cards our words of wisdom to our fellow attendees, collected and mounted upon the wall of wisdom.  I wrote:

How She Hustles Brunch

2. The other thing I took away from this event is the purity and meaningfulness of true friendship, my eyes welled up as Emilys’ grateful heart spoke on the “need for friends who are your voice of faith and prayer partner”, as she refers to her friend who took bus, taxi and drove with a toddler from Atlanta to be in attendance and support her and been doing this since the precious age of 4.  Can we say – powerful!

3.  The importance of #TT – saying Thank You and to Trust.  It is so important to trust people with a vision much like Emily has with us for these lovely five years.  There’s a spirit of sisterhood present when others believe in you, from the babysitter who tediously takes care of Emily’s new born, to the photographer at the entrance way.  The next step that Emily so well conveyed is to Thank them and be grateful for the entire HSH team, their assistance, service and commitment.

Bonus Tip: Know when it’s time to say good-bye. Emily openly shared with us the need and purpose she has now to stay focus and be committed to being a mother.  To cherish the growing years that passes by so swiftly. Emily said “I want to appreciate whats happening now… there may be hick-ups along the way but it’s important to take this moment and make it last”.  We ended in style – standing ovation and African chirps.


My Hair and Outfit

Anya's Natural Hair

Jacket: Thrifted

Dress: Urban Outfitters (one of my FAV stores to shop)

Shoes: David from Macys

You may find this surprising but for a lady who has a hair blog, my hair is the absolute last thing that I think about (let me add – in great detail) especially for big events.  This has been a weakness of mine as I often find myself still twisting/ braiding / flexi rodding my hair at wee hours in the morning and praying that it dries in time.  HA! Since I know my hair weakness I knew I had to start the wash routine, treatment and FAB Twist on Thursday – 3 days in advance.  The effort paid off as the most commonly asked question was – “Did you cut your hair?” I fooled quiet a bit of women with my faux asymmetric look.  See how I achieved this look.

My dress on the other hand is a story to remember.  Just as I was taking my last spin around in the full length mirror before jetting to the VIP session.  I look down at my backside and there was a huge rip in the seams.  I did what few women would do in a situation like this, keep calm and sew it up.  Shortly after carefully getting the dress back on again, it ripped open again and I got even calmer, took my time and sewed it up by hand, yes needle and thread until it was almost perfect.

Lesson well learned: Always have a Plan B dress


Get Emilyfied

Emily's Big ChopSee Emily’s Hairstory and learn more about this powerhouse.


Fellow Blogger Shutouts

Ann Marie from Soul Afrodisiac

Bee Quammie from 83ToInfinity

Michelle from Life By Mich

Quotes That Made Us Shiver

“Life is measured in impact, not duration.”

“Work on your mindset daily.”

***Chime In – In the comment section below add a quote or thought that touched you or an image of your word of wisdom. Plus let us know what was the best moment you had at the 5th How She Hustles Brunch?


How She Hustles is an online network that connects over 2000 women through networking events and social media.  To learn more about the How She Hustles brunch, see an event recap on Storify or watch their Youtube videos. Women of all ages and backgrounds are also invited to connect with HSH via Facebook, Twitter  and Instagram.