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Alikay Naturals Products

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I am so proud of Rochelle aka Blackonxy from youtube as she continues to grow her business and life purpose to create healthy hair products that is easy to use.  I remember one of Rochelle’s first videos was of her sharing the racism that she endured at her workplace.  Now she’s in a position where she no longer has to answer to no one nor as she create an empire for her family and extended family.

I’m also honoured to share the success of Alikay Naturals with Rochelle as I’ve been an International Brand Ambassador for Canada.  Below I will list all the retail locations in Canada where you can find the Alikay brand.  Keep returning back to find updated retail locations in your area.

For more details regarding the products in the video see the product descriptions below:

Alikay Naturals Aloe Berry


The Aloe Berry Styling Gel is infused with essential oils and Berries, Botanical blend, coconut oil, almond oil, aloe.  Keeps hair styled and moisturized, adds shine and medium hold to hair without leaving hair sticky or crunchy.  Great for all hair types.  This product is 100% natural and 100% organic.


Alikay Naturals Creme Brulee Custard


The Créme Brulee Curling Custard is intended to define and enhance your natural curl pattern.  At the same time it provides moisture to the hair.  This product has a pineapple scent that helps to elongate and smooth the curls for a polished curly look.  The product is great for all hair types and doesn’t leave the hair dry, greasy, sticky or crunchy. This product is 100% natural and 100% organic.
Alikay Silk Straightener

The Silky Straight Heat Protectant Spray protects hair against heat damage caused by flat irons, blow dryers, hot combs and curling irons.  Humidity resistant to help reduce frizz and help your silky straight style last longer.

FORT MEYERS, Fla., Feb. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — “Alikay Naturals has been experiencing tremendous growth over the last several months and adding to that momentum, we are happy to announce the brand’s expansion into Sally Beauty Supply,” shares Rochelle Graham, Alikay Naturals CEO and Co-Founder. Integrating the images of women of different races with textured hair ranging from kinky to curly with the cultivation of a shared sense of identity has enabled Alikay Naturals to resonate with consumers in a rapidly growing niche market.

Sally Beauty currently owns and operates more than 2,800 Sally Beauty Supply stores worldwide; including stores in every state in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada.  The Alikay Naturals hair products will be added to the inventory of over 7,000 professional quality products for hair, skin and nails offered to Sally Beauty Supply retail customers and salon professionals.  January 2015will mark the debut of Alikay Natural’s Moisture Rich Hair Parfait, Lemongrass Leave-In Conditioner and Essential 17 Hair Growth Oil in select Sally Beauty Supply stores.

“Being featured on the shelves of the largest retailer of professional beauty supplies is a part of an ongoing expansion plan set forth by Alikay Naturals that encompasses a heavyweight marketing, sales and communications platform targeting major territories,” explains Graham.  With 60% of the world population being made up of curly haired individuals, mainstream retail outlets are taking notice of the increased demand that has sparked the emergence of curly hair care groups and elaborate natural hair expos. Once hard-to-find products designed specifically for curly hair and kinky hair types are now stocked on the shelves of mass market retail chains.

A well-recognized authority on hair care and a frequent guest at beauty industry events, Graham expanded Alikay Naturals market share through an unconventional retail strategy which reaches consumers with social media based grassroots marketing techniques that emphasize the value of the customer’s current needs while putting a high level of importance on what the customer will want in the future.  YouTube played a key role in the brand’s launch in 2009, thus Alikay Naturals wants to keep social media at the brand’s core as a way to keep customers connected and provide the hair care support for which Alikay Naturals is so well known. “We intend to build on the momentum set forth by our mass market expansion, while staying true to our Black Onyx roots and continuing to offer quality products that deliver solid results,” says Demond Campbell, Alikay Naturals Co-Founder.  


Coined a “beauty pioneer” at the age of 26, Rochelle Graham has felt a connection with nature since her early countryside childhood with her herbalist grandmother in Jamaica.  The renowned beauty vlogger veteran’s Alikay Naturals hair care products are composed of the richest natural & organic ingredients that use its healing properties and natural humectants to define curls, while nourishing and replenishing moisture from root to tip. No sulfates, no mineral oils, no alcohol and no petroleum. 

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    OH MI GOD! No way! I have been dying to try her products! I hope they are in the sally’s in my area!

    • Kaella11

      You can find them at Natural DivaStyle (Ottawa,Canada)

  • Nish

    Do any stores in toronto sell the lemon grass leave in conditioner?