Is going Natural a Movement or a Fad?Para ter o cabelo natural é um movimento ou um modismo?

Going Natural

This is a quick note about the ‘new’ natural hair revolution, that is, women are ditching chemical hair straighteners and embracing their own natural, Afro, tresses.

More and more women are going natural and I think that this is amazing! The funny thing is that there have always been women with natural hair, since humans have ever existed, but now, they seem to be occupying a fair share of the black hair community limelight. This is not the first time that there has been a movement of mass naturalistas, as the 1970’s was an era in America where the likes of people, such as Angela Davis, protested against racism and discrimination using the Afro as a symbol of black empowerment, coupled along with statements such as ‘Black is Beautiful.’

However, this new movement is not resonant of the black empowerment revolution, from my personal experience and observation, it is Black women all over the world protesting that our natural hair is in fact a hairstyle OPTION and not something to be detested or hid. We no longer have to serve relaxers and weaves (not implying that women who choose to relax their hair or wear weaves are slaves), we can wear our God given curls with pride and professionalism.

Not all women are going to go natural because as I previously mentioned, it is a hairstyle option, but for those that are going natural, I raise my fist in salutation to your brave decision in a society where we are still struggling with beauty in variation.

If there is one thing that I have learned from my Sociology degree, it is that there is power in unity and numbers, meaning that more women are going natural because more women are going natural! Every Black woman that goes natural, and wears her hair out, is a walking advertisement for other women and inspiration to her surrounding peers. And to those who are not natural and to the young men, please encourage our ladies who are, because we need your help to continue this liberating movement.

I believe, hope (and pray) that this movement will remain permanent because it is not only a physical change, buy a psychological cleansing from the elusive ‘beauty ideal’ that has captivated the minds of too many women around the world.

I am curious to know what people think about the ‘movement’, do you think it is faddish or will it actually remain permanent?

Article Written by: Joyecyln Abi owner of Natural Hair Products:Afrochenchix

Going Natural



  • kendra

    i believe it will be a permanent embracement( of i should say) of being natural. So many women has taken major steps to go natural. Its more than just a hair style,its more so embracing our natural beauty, expressing our natural beauty and not falling into what society thinks is beautiful. There is a message that comes with every woman that decides to go natural: you dont have to alter your apperance to be beautiful, to be accepted nor to be loved. What God blessed you with is how he wanted you to be so appreciate it, love it and show it off to the rest of the world!!!!