Studio 86 Salon Review

Studio86 Natural Hairsalon in Toronto

Salon review provided by: I Heart My Hair fan Nikki


I wear my hair natural and have been wearing it that way since 2009.  When I went to Studio 86 I was looking to have my hair trimmed, washed, blow-dried and flat ironed-to give it that relaxed look.


The experience at the Salon was fantastic.  I was immediately made to feel welcome.  I sat down in the chair and was offered something to drink and then Kahlae started discussing with me my hair, what I do with it, how do I normally wear it and what sorts of products do I use in my hair.  After our chat and throughout the service I wasn’t nervous at all.    She immediately gained my trust and I knew from the knowledge she shared about hair and caring for it that she would take care of my hair needs.
Studio86 Salon In Toronto


Nikki was gifted a certificate from the 2015 How She Hustles Brunch but after finding out how much the service would have cost her she stated.  “I found the price to be very reasonable and I was very happy with the results”.


I will definitely be attending this salon again.  I was very happy with the styling and trimming of my hair.  Kahlae did a FANTASTIC JOB!!! My husband said that I looked beautiful with my new do!


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